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Formation activities

Transversal and specific training activities within the scope of the program.

As RD 99/2011 (regulation norms) indicates, the doctoral programs will include organized aspects of research training that will not require its structuring in ECTS credits and will include both transversal and specific training in the scope of each program. Courses or seminars of transversal training and courses specific to the scope of the program are included in the doctoral program.

Transversal training courses are offered by the University Center for Education and Educational Innovation (CUFIE) of the UDC in its Doctorate and Training Support Plan. These courses are free for students enrolled in the doctoral program.

In the PhD program in Computing, the specific training activities are structured in a series of introductory seminars to the different current lines of research in the field of computer science, which integrate the different lines of the PhD program, mainly encompassed in three blocks: Intelligent Systems, Distributed and Concurrent Systems, and Information Management.

The student must compulsorily take a transversal course of those offered by the CUFIE , while they must take the different activities/specific courses taught. Each of these courses/seminars is conceived as a tutorial on the subject in which the object is to establish the basis of a theory or technique and the fundamental results that have been reached. The course must expose at least the problems and references of alternatives and current research challenges. These activities include tutorials, lectures or conferences, taught mainly by invited professors of recognized prestige, and that will be focused on making known, first hand, recent leading research work to students.



Planning of activities within the organization of the doctoral program


Organization of the doctoral program

1er academic year

1st four-month period

Transversal and specific courses
Preparation of the initial research plan

2nd four-month period

Specific courses
Annual research plan evaluation and activity document
2nd academic year 1st four-month period Specific courses
2nd four-month period Specific courses
3er academic year   Preparation and presentation of thesis or extension request


The above planning is the proposal for students enrolled full time. Transversal training activity courses may be taken in the first 2 years, although it is recommended to take them during the first year. Specific training seminars/conferences will be taken by the student on the dates announced by the CAPD. The third year is left dedicated to the final completion of the thesis by the PhD student. Flexibility will be allowed for motivated reasons to the academic commission (research stays, attendance at conferences, ...)

Students enrolled part-time must, with the same planning philosophy, pursue training activities in the first 3 years of their enrollment, allowing the same flexibility for motivated reasons of mobility.