IV Wokshop on Temporal Reasoning

Murcia, November 17th 1999
PROGRAM  NEW: papers online



Inside the framework of the VII Conference of the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAEPIA'99), it will be held in Murcia the fourth edition of the Workshop on Temporal Reasoning (TARRAT'99). The purpose of this workshop is to bring together active researchers on Artificial Intelligence devoted to the areas of spatio/temporal reasoning and planning. The workshop tries to maintain and extend the scientific interchange already established in the previous editions carried out in Blanes (Girona) 1993, Alicante 1995, and Málaga 1997. It will consist of papers containing both mature and ongoing research work from all the areas of spatio/temporal reasoning, including, but not limited to:

Together with the presentation of works, the authors are encouraged to carry out practical demonstrations. To this aim, a list of possible needed resources and time for the demonstration should be specified together with the paper submission.

Paper submissions

Papers should not exceed a maximum of 10 pages, preferrably in IJCAI format. Details on the IJCAI format, including LaTeX .sty file and Word template can be obtained in the IJCAI'99 web pages http://www.dsv.su.se/ijcai-99/home.html. We thank Peter F. Patel-Schneider, Carol Hamilton (AAAI Press) and Tom Dean for their respective permissions to use this information. For any doubt on its use, please contact with the workshop organization.

The official languages are both Spanish and English, but, at least, the abstract must be provided in English. Electronic submissions are strongly encouraged. Send a postscript version of the document to tarrat99@dc.fi.udc.es. For post mail submissions, send 3 copies of the paper to the address:

Ramon P. Otero,
Facultade de Informatica,
Campus Elviña, E-15071
A Coruña

Participants and Registration

At least one of the authors of each accepted paper is expected to attend at the Workshop. Other people without any contribution that wish to attend must apply for an invitation, submitting a brief description of their interest in this area. To cover organization costs, a registration fee of 5000 pts. (30 euros) [see update1] per participant has been established.

Publication of Proceedings

We are planning to publish an informal document with the proceedings that will be provided during the workshop. Papers will be also published electronically, after obtaining the permission of each author. Depending on the quality and number of contributions, we will study the possibility of editing a book containing the proceedings.

Important Dates

Submission deadline:  September 24, 1999
Notification of acceptance:  October 8, 1999
Camera ready copy deadline:  October 25, 1999
TARRAT'99 Workshop: November 16-19 (to be fixed), 1999
CAEPIA'99 Conference: November 16-19, 1999

Workshop Chairs

Ramon P. Otero   Univ. da Coruña, <otero@dc.fi.udc.es>
Roque Marin Univ. de Murcia, <roque@dif.um.es>
Pedro Cabalar Univ. da Coruña, <cabalar@dc.fi.udc.es>

Programme Committee

Federico Barber Univ. Politecnica de Valencia, <fbarber@dsic.upv.es>
Senen Barro Univ. de Santiago de Compostela, <elsenen@dec.usc.es>
Vicente J. Botti Univ. Politecnica de Valencia, <vbotti@dsic.upv.es>
Pedro Cabalar Univ. da Coruña, <cabalar@dc.fi.udc.es>
María Antonia Cárdenas Univ. de Murcia, <marian@dif.um.es>
Ricardo Conejo Univ. de Málaga, <conejo@lcc.uma.es>
Manuel Enciso Univ. de Málaga, <enciso@lcc.uma.es>
Gonzalo Escalada-Imaz IIIA, CSIC, <gonzalo@iiia.csic.es>
Paulo Felix Lamas Univ. de Santiago de Compostela, <paulo@dec.usc.es>
David Lorenzo Univ. da Coruña, <lorenzo@dc.fi.udc.es>
Roque Marin Univ. de Murcia, <roque@dif.um.es
Fernando Martin Univ. de Murcia, <fmartin@dif.um.es>
Ramon P. Otero Univ. da Coruña, <otero@dc.fi.udc.es>
Angel Pascual del Pobil Univ. Jaume I, <pobil@inf.uji.es>
Inmaculada Pérez de Guzmán Univ. de Malaga, <guzman@ctima.uma.es>
Ramon Rizo Univ. de Alicante, <rizo@dccia.ua.es
Francisco Toledo   Univ. Jaume I, <toledo@inf.uji.es>
Carlos Rossi Univ. de Malaga
Miguel Toro Univ. de Sevilla, <mtoro@lsi.us.es
Alvaro del Val Univ. Autonoma de Madrid, <delval@ai.ii.uam.es>
Lluis Vila Univ. Politecnica de Catalunya, <vila@lsi.upc.es>

1  The registration fee has been updated to 2.500 pts. for covering printing costs of proceedings. This price IS ALREADY INCLUDED in the regular CAEPIA-TTIA'99 registration. After the workshop an informal dinner (not included in the registration) has been organized.

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