Since 7-Mar-97
Víctor M. Gulías
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Departamento de Computación
Facultad de Informática
Universidad de La Coruña 
Campus de Elviña, E-15071. 
A Coruña, SPAIN 
Phone Number: +34-81-167000
Fax Number: +34-81-167160
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Last Update (Feb 21st, 2001)

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Current Position

Prof. Asociado a Tiempo Completo (Adjunct)
LFCIA, Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Informatics, University of La Coruña (SPAIN)

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LFCIA's FPG Conference Schedule (FPG Intranet Access Only)

Past Courses

My Heroes: The Blue Sky Rangers!

(blue sky ranger logo)In my childhood, I was the proud owner of an *Intellivision* the coolest video computer system ever designed by human beings. I think I spent more than four hours per day playing the amazing games developed by the Blue Sky Rangers, Intellivision's programming team. Even though I am a big guy now, I remember those nice afternoons with my veeery best friend Samy in La Mariposa. I still have two master components and more than 50 cartridges. I plan to publish my personal Intellivision records, made 15 years ago.


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Víctor M. Gulías Fernández / gulias@dc.fi.udc.es