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J. L. Freire Nistal
Mail Address:
Dept. Computación, Facultade de Informática.
Universidade da Coruña,Campus de Elviña, E-15071.
A Coruña, SPAIN
Phone Number: +34-81-167000
Fax Number: +34-81-167160
e-mail: freire@dc.fi.udc.es

Last Update

May.25, 1998

Current Position

Full Prof. of Computer Science (Catedratico de Universidad)
LFCIA, Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Informatics, University of La Coruña (SPAIN)
Information about the faculty can be obtained from:
Comisión de Extensión Universitaria de la Facultad de Informática



  • Discrete Mathematics II - Fall'97
  • Symbolic Computing - Spring'98 
  • Random Stuff

    J. L. Freire Nistal / freire@dc.fi.udc.es